Looking for a way to cover risks that are not covered through your Federal Crop Insurance or Hail Insurance?
AgMark LLC has the answer to that question.  eWeather Risk provides farmers and ranchers opportunities to cover against insufficient or excessive precipitation and excessive heat or freeze.
The practice of double cropping has increased over the past couple of years and presented risk management problems for producers.  eWeather can provide coverage to that second crop and the perils that Kansas weather can deliver.
Setting up an eWeather Risk contract is as easy as 1,2,3!
  • Tell us the amount of liability you wish to cover.
    • Usually guarantee x acres
    • There is a $50,000 minimum contract
  • We determine the time frame for which the coverage will be in effect.
    • 30,60,90 days are common time frames
  • Select the weather stations that will best represent your area of coverage 
Once our agents have that information, we will design a plan to get you the best coverage for the lowest premium possible.  If during the timeframe you chose you average lower temps or rainfall than the specified amount in the contract, you will get paid per degree or for amounts of rainfall.
eWeather is not only for farmers.  This product works well for livestock operations also.  Summer heat or winter blizzards can present out-of-the-ordinary expenses of hauling and feeding that can affect your bottom line.  Let eWeather help with those costs!
The additional beauty of this product is that it is not just limited to agriculture.  Recreational events, construction projects, and any other type of project/event that can be affected by the weather can be covered.  Come into the AgMark office and let one of our trained agents explain how eWeather can provide value to your operation.

Why eWeather Risk...


  • eWeather Risk proprietary weather data comprises over 5,800 ground-based US weather stations.
  • Ability to customize transations to specific weather risks.
  • Settlement with automated weather stations can be executed within days.
  • No sales closing period and situational nature creates multiple client touches cementing the client relationship.
  • eWeather Risk is backed by MunichRe, a $17B AA-Standard and Poor's rate international and publicly held reinsurer.



  • Heat and preciptation can be used for specific dates and conditions.
  • Able to purchase multiple contracts for different risks.
  • Purchase can be made as a map-based standard hedge or customized to meet your client's needs.
  • Choose from thousands of weather stations
  • Flexible contract size and limits
  • Short and long date availability.


  • The eWeather Risk program is built from the ground up specifically for the agricultural sector.
  • Cost effective - each weather solution is customized to the customer.
  • No proof of loss required.
  • Weekly weather updates, forecasts, and weather alerts sent out to agents and clients.
  • Full transparency; weather data available daily via the web or agent.
  • Protects: input costs, profitiability, forward contract delivery obligation.
  • Allows for more profitable marketing decisions.