AgMark Revenue Management Program

Revenue Based Grain Marketing Program

AgMark has been a part of North Central Kansas for over 10 years. We understand how today's producer is facing production and financial risks. The effective management of those risks is an integral part of any farming operation.  The economic effects of market volatility and production losses can be severe. Now more than any other time in history, producers are having to spend more time and resources on keeping up with the changes in world economics and policy changes.

AgMark is a recognized leader in North Central Kansas and we understand the significance of protecting your investments.  That is why we have created The ARM Program.  Partnering with us will bring you market knowledge, research, and discipline to your marketing plan.


ARM Program Objectives

  • Provide unbiased expertise in crop insurance and grain marketing in a method that reduces yield and price risks while improving return per acre. 
  • Technology has enabled producers to access vast amounts of information easily.  Unfortunately, additional information has not made crop insurance and/or marketing decisions any easier.  The ARM focus is to sort through the information and provide you with relevant information so you can make more educated marketing decisions.

"Working together to accomplish more"

You will work one-on-one with your consultant to ensure a high level of personal service.  You will receive:

  • Financial Analysis (Cost of Production, Cash Flow, etc)
  • Crop Insurance (Customized policy analysis and full service)
  • Grain Marketing Planning and Execution (Realistic and Measurable, Provide Direction and Discipline, Effectively Analyse and Manage Risks)
  • Market Matrix (Integrating grain marketing, crop insurance and futures/options strategies in a manner to test the revenue per acre results from various strategies)
  • Relevant Informational Updates (Timely information on crop insurance and technical and fundamental data for grain markets)
  • Unlimited Communication (Full time acess via phone, email, text messages, and one-on-one meetings)

For more information:

Toll Free: 888-848-9979

Main Office: 785-738-9641


Scott Ahlvers

Crop Insurance & Marketing Consultant

Office: 785-534-1412

Cell: 785-534-9530